As a student at Baylor University… I go to school, study, and try to enjoy all that Waco has to offer (within my budget, of course).


During my time here at Baylor…I watch every penny I spend.  Personally, money has been tight.  The past several years have been life-changing for my family – my Mom was diagnosed with debilitating disease, stopped working, became completely disabled, and my Dad has had to make changes to our home for her comfort while having 2 kids in college.  Even through all this, both, my parents still want my sister and I to still enjoy our college experience as much as we can – even if its limited and within our budgets.  I know I am not alone.  Too many students and families have their own personal tribulations.


With all that, I always looked for coupons or special deals for restaurants and other businesses in hopes that my friends clipped or saved the same coupons, too, so they can join me and explore the many hidden gems in and around Waco!  That never worked out!  When one saw a coupon, others could not find it, or by the time they found it, it had expired!  Frustrating and difficult!


One night, I found myself in another listening tennis-match as my friends (also fellow Baylor students) participated in the ever-daunting - Where do we eat? - round-table discussion.

Student 1: “I’m hungry!

Student 2: “Me too!” Where do we go eat?”

Student 3: “How about (   fill in the blank   )?”

Student 4: “Nah!  We have already been there…!

Student 1: “… and it was also expensive!”

Student 2: “I saw a coupon for that place… but it expired!”

Student 3: “Yeah!  I’m on a budget also…”

Student 4: (deep in thought) “Hhhhmmm… I have an idea!”


… so, after some research and talking to my friends and fellow students, I realized and saw the need for an online website and/or social media channels where businesses could market to Baylor students and Waconians, alike, about their specials/deals!  A place where, regardless of your location, you can look at your cell phone or electronic device and search “Waco Area Food Lovers” and you can see what kind of deals businesses around you have.  This would also build additional value to businesses by maintaining their loyal patrons and adding new ones!  Especially during this 2020 pandemic… a time where businesses need the customers to stay open and survive.  I saw a WIN, WIN situation!


… and Waco Area Food Lovers (dba - WAFL Card) was born!  I worked all summer last year and saved every penny to start my first business.  We are a Member of the Greater Waco Chamber of Commerce.

Waco Area Food Lovers' goal is to lift our favorite local businesses and making it more affordable for students and Wacoans alike by focusing on both food and entertainment!  Especially during these difficult times, small businesses need to be supported or we might not see them when this is all over.  They are part of our experience.  We stand behind all our partnered businesses!  Fostering a community that brings people together to make memories or simply enjoy some great food and fun - is what it is all about.  EAT!  HAVE FUN!  SAVE!  REPEAT!

Back to the reason I started Waco Area Food Lovers… eating out and having these experiences can be expensive and trust me, I know.  As a college student, the need to stretch every dollar is understood.  This is where the WAFL Card can help year-round. The Waco Area Food Lovers card helps any card holder support local businesses and save money while doing it. This brings the price barrier down to our favorite local spots so that we can support them, and they can support us. All our business partners can be found here, and they all offer different discounts to get you in the door. We like to think of it as being rewarded for your business.

Simply show your card at participating businesses (on our website here and Social Media channels) and you will receive your discount/perk.  Your WAFL Card will pay for itself in no time – leaving you the rest of the year to EAT, HAVE FUN, SAVE and REPEAT!  Post a pic on social media for a chance to be featured in the ever-growing Waco Area Food Lovers Community. And with new local businesses being added every month the WAFL card is a no brainer, so get yours today!  The sooner you get your WAFL Card, the more you will save!


Waco Area Food Lovers will also give back to our community!  We will be donating a percentage of net earnings back to local food banks!  … more details to come!