J-Petal & Poke

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Poke Bowls, Japanese Crepes, and Thai Rolled Ice Cream

If you have ever been stuck in a group not knowing where to go, J-Petal happens to offer a solution for everyone. The only Poke restaurant in Waco also offers lightbulb tea, Thai ice cream, and sweet and savory crepes. Everyone will find something that suits them, even if you have the pickiest of eaters in your group.


Aside from helping friend groups decide how to satisfy everyone, J-Petal offers the fresh poke that is honestly such a blessing is you are from a more costal area or even just an avid seafood lover. Lightbulb tea is the perfect way to brighten any day (see what we did there?)


Stop by and pick your favorite Crepe, Lightbulb Tea, Ice Cream, or Poke Bowl. Let them know who sent you and be sure to use your Waco Area Food Lovers card to get 15% off.

Address: 315 S University Parks Dr #120, Waco, TX 76701