Helados La Azteca

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Your Favorite Neighborhood Paletería

Helados La Azteca offers a taste of Mexico right in Waco, Tx. Not only do they serve some of the best paletas, frescas, and concha sandwiches they also stock the harder to find snacks that many of us grew up loving or grew to love. Whether it is a hot day or you are looking for something refreshing, Helados will never disappoint.


We recommend the Mangonada Loca, Fresca Melon, or the Concha ice cream sandwich. Even for those new to Hispanic treats, Helados offers something for everyone!


Be sure to stop by and show them some love, as they put it back into everything they make. Use your Waco Area Food Lovers Card to get 15% off and they'll know who sent ya!

Address: 1500 Colcord Ave, Waco, TX 76707 (Only Colcord location)