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Authentically Waco coffee Experience

Pinewood Coffee Roasters has been a hub for college students and native Wacoans alike since its opening. Offering an inviting, warm, and even familiar experience that has unfortunately been lost in many modern coffee establishments. 

With "Roasters" in the title you would assume they roast their own coffee, and you'd be correct. A fully functioning coffee house that is as easy on the eyes as their coffee is to drink is what you get at Pinewood. Adjacent from their Coffee house they offer a Pub with the purpose of providing community and hospitality among an extensive selection of craft drinks.


So send that old friend a text and catch up with them at Pinewood over some great drinks. Whether you find yourself studying or enjoying someone else's company, you will be pleased to be doing it at Pinewood. 

Address: 2223 Austin Ave B, Waco, TX 76701