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Wings of Waco has humble beginnings. Kemar Harris, owner and executive chef of Wings of Waco, used to treat students to Wing Wednesdays serving hundreds if not thousands of students the best food at Penland Dining Hall every Wednesday. Since his time serving Baylor students, he has shifted to serving all of Waco. Finding his calling in everybody's favorite finger food, WINGS!


Kemar spread his own wings opening up Wings of Waco inside Union Hall. Offering 11 different flavors and the BEST wings, it is safe to say that Kemar has earned and maintained his reputation as "The Wingman."


While Wings are the only thing you can find at Wings of Waco, Kemar has a history to be proud off. Traveling across the country to "sharpen" his culinary skills and even preparing meals for past presidents, he is someone you can trust your Wings with.

Address: 720 Franklin Ave, Waco, Tx 76701 (Union Hall)