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Styling for Her and Adventure for Him

Rodney and Carmen Roller just recently made their way home to Texas, and set up shop this past summer. Mrs. Carmen runs the brick and mortar salon where she styles and cuts hair, while her husband runs Waco Adventure Tours right outside. Mrs. Carmen is the only person allowed to touch our hair after possibly the best experience at a salon our team has ever had. She made all of us feel welcomed, conversed with us, and provided the best hair cuts we have received since many of us moved to Waco years ago. Everyone is welcome at Zada salon and Carmen has proven to be experienced at cutting both men and women's hair.


Rodney is the man behind Waco Adventure Tours. While we don't know about his ability with scissors, nor are we wanting to find out, we do know that he is an excellent tour guide. Without ruining any part of the tour we will tell you that the fat tire bikes are the best way to get around Waco, and that Rodney is a truly great guide. Don't worry about having to keep up with this Surfing champion, the bikes are electric and allow for little to no effort to be used during the tour. Rodney will keep you safe, having fun, and show you a side of Waco many unfortunately miss.


For Baylor Parents, this is one of the best ways to see where your son/daughter is going to grow up over the next four years. Other tours are nice, but don't offer the personal and up close aspect that this tour does. You will surly experience more of Waco with Rodney than other enclosed tours. We really push for Bearants (Baylor Parents) to take these tours as it will ease many nerves or worry about leaving your son/daughter behind at college for the first time. Tours were the only reason I was able to get my mom to let go when I was the one being left in Waco.


Here are a few images of the tours and the beautiful Salon designed by Mrs. carmen herself. After your tour or hair styling, be sure to stop by one of our other partners to get a quick bite!