Zuke's Tea Bar

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Specialty Teas

Waco's Tea Bar  

Zuke's opened inside Union Hall in February 2021, and is quickly becoming a staple favorite inside Union Hall. Serving the freshest teas brewed on the spot in front of you, they are kinda like a Tea Hibachi??? Ok maybe Tea Hibachi isn't exactly true, but they should develop that concept for us... 

Anyways, we have yet to order something from Zuke's and not absolutely love it. Personal recommendation is the Oolong Blackberry Sage Tea, and please do not make the same mistake that we did. Order the large... if you order the medium, you will be sad when you finish it because you could have had more!!! Their Chai Tea is perfect for cold weather or just slowing down and enjoying a walk around downtown. 

So stop by Zuke's and get the perfect drink to complement your next meal at Union Hall, and don't forget to purchase your WAFL Card to get the sweet discount!!!

Address:  720 Franklin Ave, Waco, Texas 76706